Changes of the phsico-Chemical Characteristics of oils treated by the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation (I) -The Extracted soybean oil-

방사선 조사선량에 따른 유지의 이화학적 성질변화 (I)

  • 임국이 (대전실업전문대학 식품영양과)
  • Published : 1992.12.01


To investigate the oxidative stabilities of the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiated soybean during storage and heating and some physico-chemical characteristics of soybean and the extracted soybean oil (SBO) with/without the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation were determined. The ${\gamma}$-ray level use in irradiation for soybean were 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 KGY respectively and Acid Value, Peroxide Value, Conjugated Diene Value, Composed Fatty Acids amounts, and Trans Fatty Acid occurrence were determined for all samples, which were incubated at 45$\pm$1$^{\circ}C$ for 25 days heated at 180$\pm$1$^{\circ}C$ for 30 hours. And these values of the ${\gamma}$-ray treated samples were compared to those of nontreated samples. The results were obtained as follows : 1. According to the increased level of the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation, there was little difference in Dielectric Constant, Viscosity, and the Induction Period by Rancimat. But, in case of 5.0 KGY, oxidative stability was increased more twice than that of non-irradiation. In the quantity of fatty Acids composition of the extracted soybean oil irradiated with 10.0 KGY, palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids were less increased thanb those of non-irradiation, while stearic, linolenic acids were decreased. In the case of 2.5 KGY irradiation, stearic and oleic acids were increased. 2. The Acid Value of SBO according to the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation level was almost not change, but was 0.1 lower than that of non-irradiation during incubation (45$\pm$1$^{\circ}C$). The Peroxide Value of SBO with the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation, was very lower than that of non-irradiation, but its effect on oxidative stability was better of SBO treated with 5.0 KGY and 10.0 KGY. In the Fatty Acids composition of SBO, palmitic, stearic, oleic acids were increased, while linoleic, linolenic acids were decreased during incubation(45$\pm$1$^{\circ}C$). This tendency was more obvious due to the ${\gamma}$-ray level. While heating(180$\pm$1$^{\circ}C$), the Acid Value of SBO treated with the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation was decreased, the Acid Value of SBO irradiated with 2.5 KGY was the lowest. Also the peroxide Values of SBO treated with 5.0 KGY, 10.0 KGY were very lower than that of non-irradiation. Conjugated Diene Value of SBO was almost unchanged according to the ${\gamma}$-level and heating time. 3. When the methyl linoleate was irradiated with the ${\gamma}$-ray, the Trans Fatty Acid was little produced. In case of SBO with non-irradiation, the trans C18:1 was occured about 6.5~7.9%, but trans C18:2 and C18:3 were not shown, while SBO irradiated with the ${\gamma}$-ray 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 KGY, trans C18:3 and C18:2 amount in SBO were increased according to heating time, but trans C18:3 was little occured. As these results, the effects of the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation to oil containing food were to cut down the energy for food storage and to increase oxdative stability during storge. And also it was shown to be the best that 10.0 KGY of the ${\gamma}$-ray irradiation would be applied to soybean.