Equivalent Transformations of Undiscounted Nonhomogeneous Markov Decision Processes

  • Park, Yun-Sun (Department of Industrial Engineering, Myongji University)
  • Published : 1992.08.01


Even though nonhomogeneous Markov Decision Processes subsume homogeneous Markov Decision Processes and are more practical in the real world, there are many results for them. In this paper we address the nonhomogeneous Markov Decision Process with objective to maximize average reward. By extending works of Ross [17] in the homogeneous case adopting the result of Bean and Smith [3] for the dicounted deterministic problem, we first transform the original problem into the discounted nonhomogeneous Markov Decision Process. Then, secondly, we transform into the discounted deterministic problem. This approach not only shows the interrelationships between various problems but also attacks the solution method of the undiscounted nohomogeneous Markov Decision Process.