Double Anchors Preference Model (DAPM) : A Decision Model for Non-binary Data Retrieval

양기준 선호모형: 비 정형적 자료검색을 위한 의사결정 모형

  • 이춘열 (한국통신소프트웨어연구소)
  • Published : 1992.06.30


This paper proposes a new referential model for data retrieval as an alternative to exact matching. While exact matching is an effective data retrieval model, it is based on fairly strict assumptions and limits our capabilities in data retrieval. This study redefines data retrieval to include non-binary data retrieval in addition to binary data retrieval, proposes Double Anchor Preference Model (DAPM), and analyzes its logical charateristics. DAPM supports non-binary data retrieval. Further, it produces the same result as exact matching for the conventional binary data retrieval. These findings show that, at the logical level, the proposed DAPM retains all the desirable features for data retrieval.