Biorational Screening System Using Cyanobacteria(Anacystis nidulans $R_2$) for Searching the Photosynthetic Electron Transport Inhibitors

Cyanobacteria를 이용한 광합성 전자전달저해제의 생합리적 스크리닝

  • Received : 1993.04.27
  • Published : 1993.06.30


For searching the photosynthetic electron transport(PET) inhibitors, bio-rational screening system using thylakoid membranes extracted from wild and mutant cyanobacteria(Anacystis nidulans $R_2$) was developed. Generally, thylakoid membrane was more sensitive to the tested herbicides than the chloroplast from spinach in the Hill reaction. Higher resistant characteristics appeared in mutant D-5, Di-22 to diuron and mutant G-264 to atrazine as compared to wild type. To test the reaction of thylakoid membrane to herbicides, diuron and atrazine were applied simultaneously. Diuron and atrazine competed each other for binding with substituted amino acids, while diuron and dinoseb were non-competitive, and inhibiting activity was increased. Conclusively, bio-rational screening system using cyanobacteria was proved to be fast and efficient screening method for the development of PET inhibitors.