A Study on Apparel Products Performance Effecting the International Marketing Strategies

국제 경쟁력과 의류산업의 대응에 관한 연구

  • 김문숙 (서울여자대학교 의류학과)
  • Published : 1994.12.01


Korea's clothing industry which has been country's leading export industry and basic strategical industry is now faced with many difficulties both domestically and internationally. Domestically it is faced with continuing shortage of manpower in both production line and management high labour cost causing increase in price putting more weight on behavior of consumers resulting in change of industrial environment and continuing structural problems of industry itself. Internationally it is faced with strengthening of import regulations and protectionism of developed countries and rapid emergence of underdeveloped countries as leading exporting nations. In reality export plays the most essential role in our economy and is especially sensitive to the external environmental factors. Already economic bloc phonomenon can be seen everywhere and is continuing to accelerate in place such as E. U in Europ, North & South America as NAFTA, and South East Asian contries which recent tendency of economic unity effort is present. These countries of such economic blocs are imposing heavy custom duties reinforcing provision of country origin and acting out strict inspection regulations in order to protect the interest of their own industry. Therefore it is vital to manufacture excellent quality goods For these reasons study in this area has brought attention in Korea as well as worldwide in the recent years. Apparel industry which requires professional technology and ability is the most competitive international business. In order to challenge the international market the high level of intelligence is most required to produce high quality goods. The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between functions and roles of marketing and to approach problems in more efficient manner. Apparel industry is composed of various programs such as design pattern making merchandising and textile science. To succeed in the business is to give the highest satisfaction to the targeted market. Hence this study will example the factors that determine the Cost Quality and Performance of apparel products. The study will involve following steps; firstly establish relationship between the quality concept and productivity of apparel products Secondly inquire in to marketing strategy laying stress on apparel production related factors focusing on merchandising marketing production and operations Thirdly prospect 21st century apparel industry focusing on garment production and trade and also other countries structural improvement Fourthly establish the new dimension of competitive factors by grasping the actual circumstance of Korea's apparel industry in the international market. The research method will include; First reality approach method by analysing the present state of industry Second literal analysis such as marketing comparisons between leading apparel exporting countries.