A Design of Viterbi Decoder by State Transition Double Detection Method for Mobile Communication

상태천이 이중검색방식의 이동통신용 Viterbi 디코더 설계

  • Published : 1994.04.01


In digital mobile communication systems, the convolutional coding is considered as the optimum error correcting scheme. Recently, the Viterbi algorithm is widely used for the decoding of convolutional code. Most Viterbi decoder has been proposed in conde rate R=1/2 or 2/3 with memory components (m) less than 3. which degrades the error correcting capability because of small code constraints (K). We consider the design method for typical code rate R=1/2, K=7(171,133) convolutional code with memory components, m=6. In this paper, a novel construction method is presented which combines maximum likelihood decoding with a state transition double detection and comparison method. And the designed circuit has the error-correcting capability of random 2 bit error. As the results of logic simulation, it is shown that the proposed Viterbi decoder exactly corrects 1 bit and 2 bit error signal.