Very Fine Photoresist Pattern Formation using Double Exposure of Optical Wafer Stepper

Optical Stepper의 이중노광에 의한 미세한 포토레지스트 패턴의 형성

  • Published : 1994.07.01


A very fine pattern formation process using double exposure is investigated, which can overcome the resolution limit of optical wafer stepper. The very fine pattern can be obtained by moving the edge profile of large pattern by means of moving the stepper stage. The simulation results show that the light transmittance decrease bellow 9%, and the contrast increase to 16.6% for the 0.3$\mu$m photoresist pattern exposeed by the double exposure using i-line wafer stepper. And the experimental results show that fine photoresist pattern as short as 0.2$\mu$m can be obtained without a loss of photoresist thickness. Also, it proves that the depth of focus for 0.3$\mu$m pattern is longer than $1.5\mu$m. And, the very fine negative photoresist pattern was formmed by using the double exposure technique and the image reversal process.