A Study on human resources management for kitchen of hotel

호텔 주방조직의 인적자원관리에 관한 연구

  • 진양호 (혜전전문대학 호텔조리과 조교수, 한국조리학회 회장.)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


Management of kitchen is consist of various management factor, for instance, physical resources, financial resources, information resources, and human resources. Because these kind of resources determine efficiency of kitchen management, human resource management is important aspect of kitchen operation. In this paper of view, recently human resource management has been considered by kitchen manager. Kitchen Managers who are interested in human resource, focus on efficiency. Also human resource management underlined not only efficiency, but interrelationship of emplyee. Today, considering with the environment of management, operation of kitchen is important section on hotel management in relation to the profit of it. In the future, therefore kitchen will be strategic profit center on hotels. According to in this tendency, as profit business center kitchen assumed a aspect of efficiency mechanism. This thesis aimcs to point out the actual status of human resource management in the hotels, and suggests the improvement there of by analyzing the system. This research is organized into five sections. section one introduces its objectives. scope and mothodology. Section two provides the theory of human resource management on the kitchen of hotels. And section these analyzed about the factors of human resource management. Section four, suggests the alternatives of the improvement on human resource management, section Five describes the conclusion of this thesis. Today, importance of human resource is viewed multipoint aspects in relation to efficiency of organization and interrelationship of employee, especially the arrangement of human resource is fairly handle and allocation of the human resource and personal appraisal. On the other hand, human resource managers have to be responsible for the cost control and customer's attraction by developing human resources. In order to advance human resource management on kitchen of hotels, following alternatives are considered with efficiency of management and interrelation of employee. The first, the manager of hotels has to consider the passive support of development of human resource. The second, the manager of hotels should develop the various training program for the extonsive ability of employee. The third, in order to improvement of human resource management, manager should establish the system for human resource management view of efficiency and employee's interrelationship.