The Activation Plan of Chain Information Network And Efficent NDB Design

효율적인 NDB 설계 및 유통 정보 NETWORK 활성화 방안

  • 남태희 (동주 여자 전문대학 무역 사무 자동화과)
  • Published : 1995.01.01


In this paper, design of efficient NDB(Network Data Base) for the activation plan of chain information network. The DB structure build up, logical structure, store structure, physical structure, the data express for one's record, and the express using linked in the releation of data. Also express as hierarchical model on the DSD(Data Structure Diagram) from the database with logical structure. Each node has express on record type, the linked in course of connective this type, the infuence have efficent of access or search of data, in the design for connection mutually a device of physical, design for database, and construction a form of store for logical. Also activation of chain information network of efficent, using POS(Point Of Sale) system in OSI(Open Systems Interconnection) environment for network standardization, and build up network a design for system.