Wideband dielectric modeling and transmission analysis of FR-4 composite substrate with different composition ratio

FR-4 composite 기판의 성부 구성비에 따른 광대역 유전상수 모델 및 전송 특성 해석

  • Published : 1996.12.01


In this paper, we modeled the complex dielectric constant and analyzed the projpagation characteristics of a FR-4 composite substrate with different compositions. From the wideband dielectric modeling and the propagation loss analysis of FR-4 composites that consists of FR-4 resin and E-glass reinforcement,we have found that the propagation loss and velocity increase with the volume fraction of FR-4 resin above 1 GHz. These results are helpful in determining to deisgn optimum substrate composition ratio and cross-sectional geometry of high-speed and high-density transmission line.