A real-time high speed full search block matching motion estimation processor

고속 실시간 처리 full search block matching 움직임 추정 프로세서

  • Published : 1996.12.01


A novel high speed VLSI architecture and its VLSI realization methodologies for a motion estimation processor based on full search block matching algorithm are presentd. The presented architecture is designed in order to be suitable for highly parallel and pipelined processing with identical PE's and adjustable in performance and hardware amount according to various application areas. Also, the throughput is maximized by enhancing PE utilization up to 100% and the chip pin count is reduced by reusing image data with embedded image memories. Also, the uniform and identical data processing structure of PE's eases VLSI implementation and the clock rate of external I/O data can be made slower compared to internal clock rate to resolve I/O bottleneck problem. The logic and spice simulation results of the proposed architecture are presented. The performances of the proposed architecture are evaluated and compared with other architectures. Finally, the chip layout is shown.