Performance analysis of multiple access mechanism based on error adaptation in CDMA cellular system

CDMA 셀룰러 시스템용 오율 적응 다중 엑세스 기법의 성능분석

  • 송상호 (경희대학교 전자계산공학과) ;
  • 조동호 (경희대학교 전자계산공학과)
  • Published : 1996.03.01


In recent, the demand of mobile communication system is increasing rapidly. However, since wireless resources is limitted, the protocol to utilize wireless resource efficiently is needed. Up to now, Slotted CDMA_ALOHA(S_CDMA_ALOHA) and Mini-Slotted CDMA_ALOHA(MS_CDMA_ALOHA) methods are proposed as a CDMA_ALOHA mechanism, and it is turned out that MS_CDMA_ALOHA offers betterperformance than S_CDMA_ALOHA mechanism. Also, IS-95 multiple access mechanism has been proposed as common air interface(CAI) protocol of CDMA digital cellular system. However, in former study, the performance evaluations were made without considertion of chnnel characteristics of wireless communication environment. In this paper, a new access mechanism for improring the performance in the DS/CDMA digital cellular environment is suggested. This mechanism is adaptive to the channel condition and based on the conventional MS_CDMA_ALOHA mechanism. Also, the performance of new access mechanism is compared with that of conventional mechanisms, through computer simulation. According tot h simulation results, it is shown that the proposed NA_CDMA_ALOHA(Noise-Adaptation CDMA_ALOHA) mechanism offers better performance than conventional three CDMA_ALOHA mechanisms in view of mean delay time and system throughput characteristics. This phenomenon is due to the fast that NA_CDMA_ALOHA mechanism controls the access attempts efficiently based on the channel condition in heavy traffic environments.



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