A Study on the Development and Reorganization of the Stow-Net Fishery in Korea

근해안강망어업의 발전과정 및 재편방향에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.12.01


This study aims to investigate the development of the stow-net fishery operated in East China Sea and Yellow Sea and its role in the off-shore demersal fishery In Korea after 1980's. This paper also reorganization problems of this fishery under 200 mile exclusive economic zen system. Stow-net fishery which has an important role in offshore demersal fishery in terms of the fish production and supplies had attained an rapid growth since 1960's throughout advancement of the fishing technique, government support and enlargement of fish market. However, the production had come to a stagnant stage since 1980, and even reduced in 1990's by reason of competition from Chinese vessels which have been developing reapidly as well as other more productive demersal fishery such as trawl of Korea. Nevertheless, high fish price has maintained the business of this fishery. This fishery faces some difficulties such as limited resources, the plunge of fish price due to fish import freedom, and 200 mile EEZ settlement in those Seas among the related countries ratifying the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea in 1996. This paper discusses the reorganization problems of the stow-net fishery under the new situation. : (1)to lighten a damage to the fishery to keep the fishing ground and to restrict the entry of competitive fisheries, (2)to reduce the fishing effort by the governmental support, (3)to introduce new fishing methods, (4)to employ foreigner as a cheep labour, (5)to rise fish price throughout more freshness of fishes.