Structure and Dynamics of Pinus densiflora Community in Mt. Kaya

가야산(伽倻山) 소나무(Pinus densiflora)군락(群落)의 구조(構造) 및 동태(動態)

  • Bae, Kwan Ho (Department of Forestry, Kyungpook National University) ;
  • Hong, Sung Cheon (Department of Forestry, Kyungpook National University)
  • Received : 1995.12.01
  • Published : 1996.06.30


Structure and dynamics of Pinus densiflora community in Mt. Kaya were studied to provide the information needed for management of Pinus densiflora forest in the southern inland of Korea. Stratification structure of Pinus densiflora community in the lower and middle slope consisted of tree layer(10~15m), subtree layer(4~10m), shrub layer(1~4m), and herb layer(below 1m), while in the rock zone of ridge and top area consisted of tree layer(7~10m), subtree layer(2~7m), shrub layer(1~2m), and herb layer(below 1m). According to the diameter distribution of tree species in Pinus densiflora community, secondary Pinus densiflora forest will gradually decline. Its forest may be replaced by Quercus mongolica, Quercus serrata, Carpinus laxiflora, C. cordata, and Fraxinus rhychophylla in the lower slope, and by Quercus mongolica in the middle slope. Pinus densiflora forest has its seedlings and saplings in ridge and top area, so it may be sustained. By taking cores from Pinus densiflora trees in research area, it could be obtained that in the lower and middle slope, age of Pinus densiflora forest was about 80~90 years old. When the age of its trees was about 72~80 years old, withering trees of standing dead occurred. Disturbance regime of Pinus densiflora community in Mt. Kaya consisted of standing dead, uprooting and limbfall, these were 70.6%, 17.6% and 11.8% respectively. It takes about 100~110 years for advance growth of Pinus densiflora in ridge and top area to reach tree layer. During the period, it has twice chances of disturbance in standing dead. Annual diameter growth of Pinus densiflora was 2.45~2.9mm in the lower and middle slope, while it was 1.75mm in ridge and top region, by measuring cores.