Removal of Phosphorus in Aerobic Fixed Biofilm Reactor

호기성 고정생물막 반응조에서 인의 제거

  • Published : 1996.10.31


While the enhanced biological phosphorus removal(EBPR), in anaerobic/aerobic condition, was known to remove phosphorus by means of metabolism of poly-P microorganisms, the phosphorus removed could be released in the form of ortho-P in the aerobic fixed biofilm reactor. This study was initiated to investigate the cause of ortho-P release in the aerobic fixed biofilm reactor. The resutls indicated that the phosphorus release was caused by autooxidation. The synthesis and release of phosphrous were related to the ORP and the boundary value for the phase change was about 170mV. In the synthesis phase, the phosphorus removal rate per COD removed was $0.023mgP_{syn}/mgCOD_{rem}$. The phosprous contents of the microorganism were 4.3 ~ 6.0% on a dry weight basis.