The deformation space of real projective structures on the $(^*n_1n_2n_3n_4)$-orbifold

  • Lee, Jungkeun (Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742)
  • Published : 1997.11.01


For positive integers $n_i \geq 2, i = 1, 2, 3, 4$, such that $\Sigma \frac{n_i}{1} < 2$, there exists a quadrilateral $P = P_1 P_2 P_3 P_4$ in the hyperbolic plane $H^2$ with the interior angle $\frac{n_i}{\pi}$ at $P_i$. Let $\Gamma \subset Isom(H^2)$ be the (discrete) group generated by reflections in each side of $P$. Then the quotient space $H^2/\gamma$ is a differentiable orbifold of type $(^* n_1 n_2 n_3 n_4)$. It will be shown that the deformation space of $Rp^2$-structures on this orbifold can be mapped continuously and bijectively onto the cell of dimension 4 - \left$\mid$ {i$\mid$n_i = 2} \right$\mid$$.


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