Data-Driven Exploration for Transient Association Rules

한시적 연관규칙을 위한 데이타 주도 탐사 기법

  • 조일래 (순천공업전문대학 전자계산과) ;
  • 김종덕 (전남대학교 대학원 전산통계학과) ;
  • 이도헌 (전남대학교 전산학과)
  • Published : 1997.04.01


The mining of assciation rules disovers the trndency of events ocuring simultaneously in large databases. Previous announced research on association rules deals with associations with associations with respect to the whole transaction. However, xome association rules could have very high confidence in a sub-range of the time domain, even though they do not have quite high confidence in the whole time domain. Such kind of association rules are ecpected to be very usdful in various decion making problems.In this paper, we define transient association rule, as an association with high cimfidence worthy of special attention in a partial time interval, and propose an dfficeint algorithm wich finds out the time intervals appropriate to transient association rules from large-databases.We propose the data-driven retrival method excluding unecessary interval search, and design an effective data structure manageable in main memory obtined by one scanning of database, which offers the necessary information to next retrieval phase. In addition, our simulation shows that the suggested algorithm has reliable performance at the time cost acceptable in application areas.