Patterns of Vitamin-Mineral Supplement Usage by the Elderly in Korea

노년기의 비타민.무기질 보충제 복용 실태 조사

  • 송병춘 (건국대학교 자연과학대학 가정관리학과)
  • Published : 1997.03.01


Use of the viamin-mineral supplements markedly increased with the awareness of diet and health. Data were collected from the self-administered questionnaire of 450 free living elderly, 60 to 94 years old, in Korea, to assess the relationships between socioeconomic variables, beliefs about nutrition, and the factors affecting gupplements usage. In addition, vitamin-mineral intakes through the supplements were calculated, and compared with RDA. 44.9% of the subjects took the vitamin-mineral supplements, and significantly higher percentage of women(49.3%) than men(38.1%) took supplements(p<0.05). The higher the education level, monthly pocket money, the percentage of supplements consumption was higher. People living in large cities took more supplements than those in small cities. One of the mainly cited reasons for taking supplements was to maintain health. The most favored nutrient supplements used by the subjects were in the order of vitamin B complex, vitamin E and Calcium, and vitamin-mineral intake through the supplements were much greater than RDA and ranges of their intakes were very wide. Vitamin B1 and vitamin E were observed to consume excessive amount(63 times of RDA and 40 times of RDA, respectively). The reasons for supplementation were often inappropriate and unreliable sources of information were used. Thus nutritional understanding and education of the elderly peopled are needed in regard to the use of vitamin-mineral supplements, and the relationship between adequate diet and good health.


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