An intelligent Speed Control System for Marine Diesel Engine

선박용 디젤기관의 지능적인 속도제어시스템

  • Published : 1998.05.01


The purpose of this study is to design the intelligent speed control system for marine diesel engine by combining the Model Matching Method and the Nominal Model Tracking Method. Recently for the speed control of a diesel engine some methods using the advanced control techniques such as LQ control Fuzzy control or H$\infty$ control etc. have been reported. However most of speed controllers of a marine diesel engine developed are still using the PID control algorithm But the performance of a marine diesel engine depends highly on the parameter setting of the PID controllers. The authors proposed already a new method to tune efficiently the PID parameters by the Model Mathcing Method typically taking a marine diesel engine as a non-oscillatory second-order system. It was confirmed that the previously proposed method is superior to Ziegler & Nichols's method through simulations under the assumption that the parameters of a diesel engine are exactly known. But actually it is very difficult to find out the exact model of the diesel engine. Therefore when the model and the actual diesel engine are unmatched as an alternative to enhance the speed control characteristics this paper proposes a Model Refernce Adaptive Speed Control system of a diesel engine in which PID control system for the model of a diesel engine is adopted as the nominal model and a Fuzzy controller is adopted as the adaptive controller, And in the nominal model parameters of a diesel engine are adjusted using the Model Matching Method. it is confirmed that the proposed method gives better performance than the case of using only Model Matching Method through the analysis of the characteristics of indicial responses.


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