A Study on the Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Agricultural Diesel Engines by Use of Rice Bran Oil as a Fuel

미강유 연료에 의한 전용 디젤기관의 성능 및 비기 배출물에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.11.01


The effects of rice bran oil on the characteristics of performance and exhaust emissions have been experimentally examined by a single cylinder four cycle direct injection water-cooled and agricultural diesel engine operating at several loads and speeds. The experiments are conducted with light oil blends of rice bran with light oil and rice bran oil as a fuel. The fuel injection timing if fixed to $22^{\circ}$ BTDC regardless of fuel type engine loads and speeds. Any oxygen is not included in light oil while the oxygen contents of 10.7% are included in rice bran oil. The lower calorific value of rice bran oil is less than light oil and the viscosity is very high compared with light oil. In pre-sent study it is found that these major differences of chemical and physical properties control the combustion parameters that affect the performance and exhaust emissions of diesel engines using a rice bran oil as fuels.


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