A Survey on the Notion and Intake of Kimchi among College Women

여대생의 김치에 대한 의식과 섭취실태 조사

  • 김은희 (동부산대학 식품영양과) ;
  • 김성로 (동부산대학 식품영양과)
  • Published : 1998.10.01


A survey of the notion and intake on Kimchi among college women in Pusan was conducted to get some basic information on kimchi. Two hundred sixty seven students in Pusan participated in this survey. Seventy five percent of students answered that they like kimchi. They preferred well-fermented kimchi with anchovy extracts, refreshing taste and crispy texture the saltly and sweet. Chinese cabbage kimchi (87.6%) was found to be the most favored kimchi and Kakdugi(seasoned pickles of cubed radish), Nabak kimchi and Chonggak kimchi (ponytail kimchi) were followed in the order. The most favorite food made from kimchi was stir fried kimchi with rice. They disliked traditional special kimchi, such as Puchu kimchi (leek kimchi), Pa kimchi (green onion kimchi), Kkennip kimchi (perilla leaf kimchi), Godulbaegi kimch (Korea wild lettuce kimchi) and Gat kimchi (Leaf mustard kimchi). About 93 grams of kimchi was consumed daily and this amount was a little. Seventy percent of students did not have any experiences preparing kimchi. Experiences of kimchi preparation were given by mother through kimchii-making event for the winter(71.7%), cooking practice in middle or high school (14.1%) and college(10.9%) and general cooking education (33%). They preferred to buy kimchi at the Agricultural Cooperative Association (48.5%) or a large kimch factory (32.75). College students believe that kimchi is a healthy food and are willing to learn how to make kimchi.