Elementary Science Instruction Analysis According to Teacher의s Understanding Toward Science

과학에 대한 초등 교사의 인식에 따른 자연과 수업 분석

  • Published : 1998.12.01


The purpose of this study was to find out how to be pursued elementary teachers' science instruction according to their understanding toward science. Sixty elementary teachers were involved in the questionnaire, investigating understanding on the nature of science and the science teaching. Two elementary teachers' science classes are observed. Their instructional objectives were analyzed. And their understanding toward science was measured. Teacher A had consistent modern philosophical views of science on the nature of science and science teaching, and teacher B had not consistency Klopfer's science educational objectives category was used to analyse instructional objective. The ideal proportions of the instructional objectives of the observed classes were established from science education specialist group. You ideality index was calculated. You ideality index indicate how far from the ideal proportions of the instructional objectives the observed instruction is. Relative proportions of instructional objectives appeared in science classes were compared with ideal instructional objectives. Instructional objectives containing the modem views appearing classes observed were compared according to teachers' understanding toward science. As results, teachers' understanding toward science showed lack of consistency, which is consisted of modern philosophical view of science on science teaching: modem and classical philosophical view of science on nature of science. Teacher A's instruction was approached more closely to the ideal proportions of the instructional objectives, showing fewer You ideality index. Instructional objectives containing the modern views are more appeared and closer to ideal proportions in teacher A's classes than in teacher B's. A teacher having modern understanding on nature of science would instruct science with modern scientific philosophical perspectives. Therefore teacher preparation programs should include more contents about modern philosophical understanding on the nature of science.