Cloning of a Gene Specifically Expressed During Early Stage of Fruiting Body Formation in Flammulina velutipes

팽이버섯의 자실체형성 초기과정에서 특이적으로 발현하는 유전자의 클로닝

  • Kim, Dool-Yi (Laboratory of Forest Chemistry, Department of Forest Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University) ;
  • Azuma, Tomo-Nori (Hokkaido Forest Products Research Institute)
  • 김둘이 (북해도대학 농학부 삼림과학과) ;
  • 동지칙 (일본 북해도립 임산시험장)
  • Published : 1999.06.30


A cDNA library was constructed using mRNA from the cells of 7-day-old cultures of Flammulina velutipes after induction of fruiting treatment. A cDNA clone, FVFD16 (Flammulina velutipes fruiting body differentiation), was selected by differential screening. The expression property of the FVFD16 gene was examined by Northern blot analysis. FVFD16 represents mRNA that is specifically expressed during differentiation of fruit bodies. The conspicuous accumulation of the FVFD16 mRNA was detected in 4-day-old and 1-day-old cultures. The nucleotide sequence of the FVFD16 gene was determined and the mRNA contained an open reading frame that encoded a putative protein of 128 amino acid residues (13.5 kDa).


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