Hybrid Optimization Techniques Using Genetec Algorithms for Auto-Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controllers

유전 알고리듬을 이용한 자동 동조 퍼지 제어기의 하이브리드 최적화 기법

  • Published : 1999.01.01


This paper proposes a new hybrid genetic algorithm for auto-tuning fuzzy controllers improving the performance. In general, fuzzy controllers use pre-determined moderate membership functions, fuzzy rules, and scaling factors, by trial and error. The presented algorithm estimates automatically the optimal values of membership functions, fuzzy rules, and scaling factors for fuzzy controllers, using a hybrid genetic algorithm. The object of the proposed algorithm is to promote search efficiency by the hybrid optimization technique. The proposed hybrid genetic algorithm is based on both the standard genetic algorithm and a modified gradient method. If a maximum point is not be changed around an optimal value at the end of performance during given generation, the hybrid genetic algorithm searches for an optimal value using the the initial value which has maximum point by converting the genetic algorithms into the MGM(Modified Gradient Method) algorithms that reduced the number of variables. Using this algorithm is not only that the computing time is faster than genetic algorithm as reducing the number of variables, but also that can overcome the disadvantage of genetic algoritms. Simulation results verify the validity of the presented method.


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