A Study on the High Performance Slip Power Recovery System in Induction Motor

유도전동기의 고성능 슬립전력 회수방식에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1999.08.01


Among the variable-speed AC motor drive systems, the static slip power recovery system has been widely adopted in large power drives because a high efficiency drive can be obtained by recovering the slip power to the AC line. Although many improvements have been made in this system, several problems also remain such as the need of transformer in inverter AC side, which results in limiting speed control range and increasing the losses, production of reactive power by the control of inverter firing angle, harmonics in line currents, and so on. This paper presents the novel high performance slip power recovery system using the boost converter and small size filter in the rotor circuit, which recovers slip power of a wound rotor induction machine to AC supply efficiently with the aid of the boost converter, in which most of the problems in conventional system can be solved. The speed can be controlled by the duty ratio of the converter switch, not by inverter firing angle. As a results, the proposed system can operate in high power factor and the harmonic currents caused by the inverter and rectifier can be considerably suppressed. The validity of the proposed system verified by demonstrating the good agreement in the simulation and experimental results.


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