An implementation of the high speed image processing board for contact image sensor

Contact image sensor를 위한 고속 영상 처리 보드 구현

  • Published : 1999.08.01


This paper describes the implementation of a high speed image processing board. This image processing board is consist of a image acquisition part and a image processing part. The image acquistion part is digitizing the image input data from CIS and save it to the dual port RAM. By putting on the dual port memory between two parts, during acquistion of image, the image processing part can be effectively processing of large-volume image data. Most of all image preprocessing part are integrated in a large-scaled FPGA. We arwe using ADSP-2181 of the Analog Device Inc., LTD. for a image processing part, and using the available all memory of DSP for the large-volume image data. Especially, using of IDMA exchanges the data with the external microprocessor or the external PC, and can watch the result of image processing and acquired image. Finally, we show that an implemented image processing board used for the simulation of image retreval by the one of the typical application.


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