A Study on the Management Plan of Water Environment of Ferns in the Interior Landscape

실내조경에 있어서 양치식물의 수분환경 관리방안에 관한 연구

  • 주진희 (상명대학교 환경조경학과) ;
  • 방광자 (상명대학교 환경조경학과) ;
  • 설종호 (김천대학교 환경조경학과)
  • Published : 1999.04.01


Indoor environments are usually less than optimal for the growth of ferns, especially in regards to the water condition. These studies were performed to investigate responses involved in causing growth of ferns and presume management plan against the water deficit under indoor conditions. The effect of air humidity and soil moisture on the ferns was examined in Adiantume raddianum and Selaginella kraussiana. Results of experiments are as follows; 1. Under a low humidity condition, having a 25-50% RH. ornamental value of ferns decreased much more than under a 90% RH. Under a low soil moisture, such as sand treatment, ornamental value of ferns also decreased. 2. Leaf chlorophyll content, water content and stomata situations increased as air humidity and soil moisture went up. 3. Even if air humidity and soil water were not enough for ferns growth, the extending of irrigation cycle was helpful. 4. Under extremely low air humidity conditions, some water management, namely, using water holding soil or extending of irrigation cycle was desirable. Other methods of increasing air humidity, including water instruments such as ornamental pools, waterfalls, or fountains, grouping plants together were also helpful. But spraying water on leaves increased injury to ferns growth because of excess evaporation from the leaves. Though these studies, we learn that ferns are susceptible to water condition such as air humidity, soil water and water management. If other environmental factos are maintained with optimal conditions, water condition plays an important role in ferns growth in indoor environments.


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