A Study on the Application of 3D Virtual Human in the prior stage of Design Works - With the emphasis on the determining design layout of a forklift truck

디자인 초기단계에서의 3차원 가상인간(Virtual Human) 활용에 관한 연구 - 지게차 레이아웃 결정 단계를 중심으로

  • 김관명 (원광대학교 산업디자인학과)
  • Published : 1999.11.01


With the breakthrough development of computing environment, the design phases have been changed a lot nowadays. In the case of prior phases of transportation design such as cars and forklift-trucks design, designers have depended on surveys and 2D line drawings for fixing a product layout and extracting ergonomic data. In this method, designers don't meet only the problem of reliability of measuring data but also, the problems of unknown situation of operators' fatigue and comfort in work situation. In these methods, it has much less creditability to have a 2D human model to check the real world motion due to the limitation of the 3 Dimension. Even though with a 2D human model, perfect layout is determined, it is still difficult to measure about comfort and fatigue for a user because it measuring an analysing method is static. The development of computer hardware and software have not only changed the flow in the social-wide range but also immerged design into Virtual Environment. In conventional design method, visualization and data transferring have been the main issues but, in virtual environment, determining of design layout and analysing ergonomic data with sophisticated feeling about comfort and fatigue are possible by using 3D virtual human. In this study, the general characteristics of virtual environment was discussed and the possibility of digital process of design was treated. For these studies, layout design for forklift-trucks was tested. Eventually, the merits of each design phase applied virtual environment are discussed.