Studies on the immunization against Newcastle disease virus in Ogol chicken

오골계의 뉴캣슬바이러스 면역원성 조사

  • 이종훈 (충청남도 보건환경연구원 부여지소) ;
  • 김영진 (충청남도 보건환경연구원 부여지소) ;
  • 정영균 (충청남도 보건환경연구원 부여지소) ;
  • 정영재 (충청남도 보건환경연구원 부여지소)
  • Published : 1999.04.01


This study was conducted to determine whether the vaccination programs for the control of Newcastle disease(ND) would affect the immune status of Ogol chicken in Yeonsan, Chungnam province. The results obstained are summerized as followes ; 1. Maternal antibody titers level of Ogol chickes was 2 $log_2$. 2. The efficacy of the Newcastle spray and drinking water vaccine was evaluated by the antibody responses and the protection rates(over 90% ) after challenge with a virulent Newcastle disease vims at 14 days. 3. Spray vaccine caused on visible side reaction like respiratory symptoms, but it is declined of the 4~5 days.