The Effects of Jawoongo plus Rehmanniae Radix on The Wound Healing of Rats

  • 고우신 (東義大學校 韓醫科大學 外官科學敎室)
  • Published : 19990200


Herbal medicines are popular in Korea communities and used for a variety of diseases, and most herbal medicines has been used an oral administration for treating diseases, but some herbal medicines included Jawoongo has been used by applying on the skin. Jawoongo, a traditional oriental medicine ointment, have been used for treating various dermatitis associated with skin diseases such as tinea manuum, eczema and chilblain, etc. by promoting blood flow(活血), dispersing wind(散風) and moistening(潤燥). Jawoongo used in this study is derived from Yungigo supplemented with Adeps Suillus(豚脂). The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of Jawoongo plus Rehmanniae Radix(生地黃) on the healing of incisional skin wound in rats. After inducing an inflammation on the rats, we observed the amount of Leukocyte, the level of Cortisol and CRP(C-reactive protein), the histological parts and have obtained the healing effect of wound by using Jawoongo plus Rehmanniae Radix(生地黃).