Asparagus cochinchinensis inhibits the ethanol-induced cytotoxicity in Hep G2 cells

  • Kim, Jeong-Joong (Department of Anatomy, Wonkwang University School of Medicine and Center of Oriental Medicinal Science, Wonkwang University)
  • Published : 2000.02.29


A human hepatoma cell line, Hep G2 cells are a reliable for the study of alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity. In this study, the author investigated the effect of an aqueous extract of Asparagus $cochinchinensis_{MERRIL}$ (Liliaceae) roots (ACAE) on ethanol (EtOH)-induced cytotoxicity in Hep G2 cells. ACAE dose-dependently inhibited the EtOH-induced tumor necrosis $factor-{\alpha}\;(TNF-{\alpha})$ secretion. ACAE also inhibited the EtOH and $TNF-{\alpha}-induced$ cytotoxicity. Furthermore, the author found that ACAE inhibited the $TNF-{\alpha}-induced$ apoptosis of Hep G2 cells. These results suggest that ACAE may prevent the EtOH-induced cytotoxicity through inhibition of the apoptosis of Hep G2 cells.