컴퓨터 하드디스크의 반복 런아웃에서 비롯된 외란의 효율적 제어

  • Published : 2000.02.01


An improved disturbance rejection control scheme is presented for minimizing the position error due to the repeatable runout disturbances in high density disk drive systems The proposed control algorithm is capable of attenuating repeatable disturbances which is one of the major detractors to hard disk drive quality and performance. This is achieved by a sys-tematic combination of an optimal feedback component and a feedforward preview component. The feedback component is designed where the emphasis is placed on robustness. The feedforward component is on the basis of a preview control comprised of a measured disturbance signals which leads to better disturbance rejection capabilites. The designed con-troller is applied as a plug-in module to a high density hard disk drive with a pre-existing conventional servo controller. Simulations have been carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of this control scheme in the reduction of the periodic disturbances.



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