Effect of Kefir Extract on th Growth of Serum-Free Mouse Embyro (SFME) Cells

  • Jang, Hae-Dong (Department of Food and Nutrition, Hannam University) ;
  • David Barnes (Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Oregon State University)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


The antioxidative and protective activities of kefir, low-fat dry milk (NFDM) extract and fractions on SFME cells in serum-free medium were investigated. Kefir and low-fat kefir and NFDM extract were made by solubilizing the freeze dried powder forms in deionized water, filtering through glass prefilter, 12 ㎛ and 2 ㎛ membrane, and demineraling with chelating resin. Kefir, low-fat kefir and NFDM extract were fractioned into dialyzate and retentate by dialysis with membrane tube having the molecular cut-off of 3,500 Dalton. An antioxidative activity was analyzed by the in vitro model system using a linoleic acid. In the case of kefir an antioxidative activity was detected only in the retentate of kefir extract. On the other hand NFDM showed an antioxidative activity in extract, demineralized extract, dialyzate and retentate. The retentate of kefir extract had the higher antioxidative activity than that of NFDM extract. Kefir showed the protective effect of SFME cells in serum-free medium in extract, demineralized extract and retentate, but low-fat kefir didn't. NFDM had the similar protective effect on SFME cells as extract, demineralized extract and retentate of kefir.