Effect of Ethanol Concentration on Extraction of Vlolatile Components in Cinnamon

에탄올의 농도가 계피가 향기성분 용출에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.02.01


In order to select the optimum ethanol concentration for extraction of volatile components in cinnamon, the dried cinnamon was extracted with water and 30∼90% ethanol. The volatile components of cinnamon extracts were isolated by the simultaneous distillation extraction method using Likens and Nickerson's extraction apparatus, and analyzed by GC-MS. In cinnamon bark powder 45 components were detected and 21 components were identified. The major component of cinnamon bark powder was cinnamic aldehyde. In water extract of cinnamon, volatile components were not extracted sufficiently. The volatile components of cinnamon were increased with the increment of ethanol concentraction upto 70%. The volatile component of 70% ethanol extract showed similar pattern and amount to cinnamon bark powder. But in 90% ethanol extracts, the number and amount of volatile component were reduced. The above data suggested that 70% ethanol was the most effective solvent for volatile components extraction of cinnamon.