Statistical Process Control Procedure for Integral-Controlled Processes

  • Published : 2000.08.01


Statistical process control(SPC) and engineering process control(EPC) are two strategies for quality improvement that have been developed independently. EPC seeks to minimize variability by adjusting compensatory variables in order to make the process level close to the target, while SPC seeks to reduce variability by monitoring and eliminating causes of variation. One purpose of this paper is to propose the IMA(0,1,1) model as the in-control process model. For the out-of-control process model we consider two cases; one is the case with a step shift in the level, and the other is the case with a change in the nonstationarity. Another purpose is to suggest the use of an integrated process control procedure with adjustment and monitoring, which can consider the proposed process model effectively. An integrated control procedure will improve the process control activity significantly for cases of the proposed model, when compared to the procedure of using either EPC or SPC, since EPC will keep the process close to the target and SPC will eliminate special causes.


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