Relationship between Sea Surface Temperature and Air Temperature Variation Depend on Time Scale at Coastal Stations in Korea

시간스케일에 따른 해양표면수온과 기온의 변동 및 상관연구

  • 장이현 (국립수산진흥원 해양연구과) ;
  • 강용균 (부경대학교 해양학과) ;
  • 서영상 (국립수산진흥원 해양연구과)
  • Published : 2000.08.01


The relationship between air temperature and sea surface temperature and studied using the daily air temperature and sea surface temperature data for 25 years (1970~1994) at 9 coastal stations in Korea. Seasonal variations of air temperature have larger amplitudes than those of sea surface temperature. The seasonal variations of air temperature leads those of sea surface temperature by 2 to 3 weeks. The anomalies of sea surface temperature and air temperature with time scales more than 1 month are more ghighly correlated than those of short term, with time scales less than 1 month. Accumulated monthly anomalies of sea surface temperature and air temperature for 6 months shwoed higher correlation than the anomailes of each month. The magnitudes of sea surface temperature and air temperature anomalies are related with the duration of anomalies. Their magnitudes are large when the durations of anomalies are long.


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