Development of Manipulator for Vertically Moving Multi-Joint Apple Harvesting Robot(I) -Design.Manusacturing-

수직 다관절 사과수확로봇의 매니퓰레이터 개발 (I) -설계.제작-

  • Published : 2000.10.01


This study is final focused on developing fruit harvesting robot can distinguish fruit type and status accurately. Multi-joint robot is able to discriminate tree shape and select mature fruit by image processing. The multi-joint robot consists of (a) rotating base, (b)turning first joint-arm, (c)rotating and turning second joint-arm, (d)rotating and turning third joint-arm, (e)rotating and turning last joint and (f)picker hand. The operational ranges of the robot are: horizontal 860~2,220mm, vertical 1,440~2,260mm, 270 degrees’rotation angle, 90 or 270 degrees’turning angle. The robot weighs 330kg. The multi-joint robot was designed in high accuracy and efficiency by getting as close as the movements of human arms and waist.



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