Pyrolytic Conversion of Blended Precursors into Ti-Al-N Ceramic Composites

  • Cheng, Fei (Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Science and Engineering Waseda University) ;
  • Sugahara, Yoshiyuki (Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Science and Engineering Waseda University) ;
  • Kuoda, Kazuyuki (Kagami Memorial Laboratory For Materials Science and Technology Waseda University)
  • Published : 2000.03.01


Pyrolytic preparations of Ti-Al-N ceramics from three blended precursors were investigated. The precursors were prepared stirring ($HA1N^{i}Pr_m$ and an aminolysis product of $Ti(NMe_2)_4$ with $MeHNCH_2CH_2$NHMe in $C_6/H_6$ . IR and $^1H\;NMR $analyses suggested that essentially no Ti-N-Al bonds were present in the precursors. Pyrolysis of the precursors under $NH_3-N_2$led to the formation of brown solids with ceramic yields of about 30%, and the Ti-Al ratios in the pyrolyzed products were close to those of the precursors. XRD analysis of the pyrolyzed product from the precursor with Ti:Al=5:1 indicated the formation of a NaCl-type compound as the only crystalline phase. Pyrolysis of the precursor with Ti:Al=2:1 led to the formation of AlN besides the major NaCl-type compound. A ceramic composite containing AlN and the NaCl-type compound was formed by pyrolysis of the precursor with Ti:Al=1:2.


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