Psychological Factors of High School Girl Students on Drug Use

여고생의 약품사용과 심리적 특성

  • Published : 2000.06.10


This study was designed to figure out current situation of use of non prescription drugs and psychological factors of high school girl students on drug use, and conducted from Nov. 1 through Nov. 20. 1998. 536 girl students were randomly selected for this study. Symptom Check list-90-Revision questionnaires used for interview. The data obtained were analyzed by SAS program. The results are as follows: 1. 94.8% of students had experiences of using more than one kind of drug; lenitive(57.8%), digestant(74.1%), remedy for colds(84.9%), antibiotic(9.3%), stimulant(3.2%) remedy for constipation(22.4%). 2. Students had experiences of using non prescription drug, lenitive(88.1%), digestant(91.7%), remedy for colds(57.4%), antibiotic(58.0%), stimulant(88.2%) remedy for constipation(88.3%) 3. 19.4% of students had experiences using drugs more than one time a week and 23.5% of students experienced tolerance, prescription group(11.1%) and non prescription group(88.9%) and 21.4% of students were keeping some medicine who experienced tolerance. 4. The scores of Symptom Check list-90-Revision of students' were higher than Kim's standard group and the psychological states were worse than Kim's standard group. 5. There were significant differences among groups(no use of drug, use of less than three kinds of drugs, use of more than three kinds of drugs) in Symptom Dimension without Paranoid Ideation and Phobic Anxiety and between using group and non using group of drug in Psychological factors on Drug use by lenitive, antibiotic, and stimulant.