Dynamic Analysis of Steel Jackets under Wave and Earthquake Loadings I : Linear and Non-linear F. E. Formulation

파랑 및 지진하중을 받는 스틸자켓의 동적해석 I : 선형 및 비선형 유한요소 정식화

  • Published : 2001.10.01


The purpose of this study is to develop the main program and pre/post processor for the geometric and plastic non-linear analysis of steel jacket structures subjected to wave and earthquake loadings. In this paper, steel jackets are modelled using geometric non-linear space frames and wave loadings re evaluated based on Morrison equation using the linear Airy theory and the fifth Stokes theory. Random wave is generated using JONSWAP spectrum. For earthquake analysis, dynamic analysis is performed using artificial earthquake time history. Also the plastic hinge method is presented for limit analysis of steel jacket. In the companion paper, the pre/post processor is developed and the numerical examples are presented for linear and non-linear dynamic analysis of steel jackets.


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