Design and Implementation of Intelligent Agent System for Pattern Classification

  • Kim, Dae-su (Department of Computer Science, Hanshin University) ;
  • Park, Ji-hoon (Department of Computer Science, Hanshin University) ;
  • Chang, Jae-khun (Department of Computer Science, Hanshin University) ;
  • Na, Guen-sik (Department of Computer Science, Hanshin University)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


Recently, due to the widely use of personal computers and internet, many computer users requested intelligent system that can cope with various types of requirements and user-friendly interfaces. Based on this background, researches on the intelligent agent are now activating in various fields. In this paper, we modeled, designed and implemented an intelligent agent system for pattern classification by adopting intelligent agent concepts. We also investigated the pattern classification method by utilizing some pattern classification algorithms for the common data. As a result, we identified that 300 3-dimensional data are applied to three pattern classification algorithms and returned correct results. Our system showed a distinguished user-friendly interface feature by adopting various agents including graphic agent.


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