Chemical Forms of Ca, Mg Compounds Occuring in Perilla Leaves and Their Changes after Harvest

깻잎에 있어 Ca, Mg의 존재형태와 수확후의 변화

  • 최영희 (대구산업정보대학 조리과)
  • Published : 2001.08.01


The chemical forms of calcium compounds in perilla leaves and their changes after harvest were investigated. The four types of calcium compounds extracted were as follows: water soluble calcium(F-I: mainly water soluble organic acid salts and calcium ion), IN-sodium chloride soluble calcium(F-II: calcium-pectate and calcium-carbonate), 2%-acetic acid soluble calcium(F-III: calcium-phosphate), and 5%-hydrochloric acid soluble calcium(F-IV: calcium-oxalate). The calcium content of perilla leaves was not found to vary with their age. Relatively high levels of F-l (28.4~39.5) and F-II (34.4~47.4) were found in young and mature leaves while the F-IV constituted 15.6~21.6% of the total calcium. The F-IV calcium contents of perilla. spinach and jaso were 16.8, 42.4 and 22.3%, respectively. In contrast to calcium. magnesium existed as water soluble magnesium at the highest content of 90.6% in spinach while 62.9% and 16.8% of the total magnesium existed as water soluble magnesium in perilla and jaso, repectively. The change in vitamin C and F-IV calcium content were examined for 7 days after harvest. Vitamin C content decreased slowly at the beginning but rapidly from the 4th day after harvest. On the other hand, the F-IV calcium content increased slowly at the beginning and rapidly from the 4th day of observation. This result suggests that the increase in F-IV calcium is related to the decrease in vitamin C content. This phenomena was more distinctly observed at 2$0^{\circ}C$ than 5$^{\circ}C$.


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