Building an Innovation System for Industrial Development in a Knowledge based Economy

산업의 지식집약화를 위한 혁신체제 구축 방향

  • Published : 2001.06.01


The purposes of this research are to examine the theoretical background and industrial policy issues with regard to building a Innovation System for encouraging industrial competitiveness and fostering regional industry in Korea. Knowledge has become the driving force of economic growth and the primary source of competitiveness in the world market. So since 1990s, Innovation Systems have been put emphasis on as new industrial development strategy in a knowledge-based economy. It can be understood that Innovation System is composed of National Innovation System(NIS) and Regional Innovation System(RIS) and interrelated the concept of clusters and networks, which are contribute to industry development throughout boosting innovation. As for the Korean industrial policy, when the former centralized policy decision making process became decentralized through the implementation of local autonomy, the role of local or state government in relation to regional industrial promotion intensified. But with the impotance of for fostering strategic industry in the region. new industrial policy issues in Korea are needed as follows; $\circled1$ Building a market-oriented support system for industrial cluster through providing the resource of innovation. $\circled2$ Establishing agency for regional industrial development. $\circled3$ Making a evolutionary vision for broader region including 2 or 3 province, $\circled4$ Fostering strategic industry which is selected in term of specialization and potential of the region. The RIS model for industry development is outlined in this paper but policy initiatives for building a RIS have to be extracted from further case studies.