Evaluation of Neutron Cross Sections of Dy Isotopes in the Resonance Region

  • Published : 2001.02.01


The neutron cross sections of $^{160}$ Dy, $^{161}$ Dy, $^{162}$ Dy, $^{l63}$Dy, and $^{164}$ Dy have been evaluated in the resonance region of which upper energy is set to several tens of keV. The cross sections are formulated with resonance parameters in the energy region under consideration. In the resolved resonance region, the positive-energy resonance parameters were adopted from the BNL compilation published in 1984 with slight, if any, modifications. A bound level resonance for each isotope except $^{162}$ Dy was invoked to reproduce the reference 2200 m/s cross sections and the bound coherent scattering length. Subsequently, the statistical behavior of the resolved resonance parameters was analyzed, and thus obtained s-wave average parameters were adopted in the unresolved resonance region. In addition, recent measurements of the capture cross sections in the unresolved region were taken into account in adjusting the average resonance parameters for high orbital angular momentum resonances. The present evaluation resulted in large improvements in the cross sections over the ENDF/B-Vl release 6.6.


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