Understanding of the trigonometric function using Maple

Maple을 이용한 삼각함수의 이해

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Since the computer is becoming more and more indispensible tool in every fields of the modern society, it is needed and desirable to utilize the computer as a basic tool from the very early stage of the education process. Recently Maple is gaining its popularity as a comprehensive mathematical software with its power of symbolic calculations and graphics as well as its great numerical computational ability. We demonstrate the suitability of this software as a tool for the mathematical education and presents several examples of the applications of Maple. For the middle and the high school mathematics courses, we give the application examples for the quadratic functions and their graphs, statistics, the three dimensional shapes, algebraic problems. Through the examples, we confirm that mathematical education can be much more effective and simple by using Maple. If we establish computer-assisted mathematical classes, we can draw more attention and excitement from the attendants than traditional classes and eventually improve more rapidly their problem-solving ability On the other hand, the excess of the computer-aided education give to obstacle of psychological, not to be passing over the fact.