Variation Trends of Population and industrial Accidents involved Middle-aged & Aged Workers in Recent Years

근년 인구변동추이와 중고령 근로자의 산업재해발생경향

  • 임현교 (충북대학교 공과대학 안전공학과)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


The present situation of Korea already shone various symptoms of the aged society, and many kinds of data reported by the National Statistical Office demonstrate those facts. However, to my regret, sufficient efforts for aged workers are not taken in the area of industrial safety. In this research, work arrangement and industrial accidents of middle-aged and aged workers over last 5 years were analyzed. According to research results, proportion of industrial accidents involved middle-aged and aged workers was as high as 40%, and that of aged workers alone was so high as 25%. In addition, proportion of accidents were higher than that of worker population f3r aged wetters. Considering ages, it was demonstrated that as workers get older, mean number of accidents shows the tendency of going higher, and that as years go by, mean lost work-days are increasing regardless of age group. Main accident types were Fall followed by Slip, and Work-Related Disease, furthermore proportion of Slip was highest than any other types for aged workers. Based upon these results, it was emphasized thai careful attention should be paid to functional characteristics of aged workers, and that modification of accident prevention policy would be necessary.