A Study of Performance Test of High Speed Solenoid for Fuel Injector in Diesel Engine

디젤기관의 분사밸브를 위한 고속 솔레노이드의 성능에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.08.31


In the DI diesel engine of passenger cars, common rail injection system have been used to improve the engine performance and reduce the exhaust emission by controlling injection timing, injection pattern, and injection duration. In case that common rail injection system is applied to high speed DI diesel engine, it is necessary to have high response and good repetition characteristics. These characteristics of injector depend on the characteristics of solenoid. Thus, to apply the common rail injection system in the high speed diesel engine, we had designed and made a multi-pole solenoid, and carried out repetition, response test to compare the multi-pole solenoid with the gasoline Injector solenoid. The result shows that repetition and response characteristics of multi-pole solenoid have better characteristics than the gasoline injector solenoid.