A Study on Conservation Plan of Peatland - A Case Study of Yang-San Peatland -

고층습지 관리계획을 위한 고찰 - 양산고층습지를 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2001.06.30


We have studied the Yang-San peatland area to make a conservation plan. Since the peatland has its own unique ecosystem, which provides important resources in studying transformations of ecosystem, vegetation, weather, and many other things, it is not enough to emphasize the importance of preserving this area. Based on our investigation, we propose the followings to preserve the Yang-San peatland area and use in environmentally sustainable manner. First, it should be designated as a Wetland preservation area to make a conservation system between government and citizens. Second, a monitoring system is essential to observe the change of ecosystem and prohibit trespassing. Third, a comprehensive and precise investigation is in need how to restore the ecosystem. Fourth, an educational information about the ecosystem should be provided through pamphlets, postcards, visiting centers etc.