Hydrolysis of Oils by Using Immobilized Lipase Enzyme : A Review

  • Murty, V.Ramachanda (Department of Chemical Engineering, Manipal Institute Institute of Technology, A Constitutent Institution of Manipal Academy of Higher Education(Deemed University)) ;
  • Bhat, Jayadev (Department of Chemical Engineering, Manipal Institute Institute of Technology, A Constituent Institution of Manipal Academy of Higher Education(Deemed University)) ;
  • Muniswaran, P.K.A. (Department of Chemical Engineering, Manipal Institute Institute of Technology, A Constituent Institution of Manipal Academy of Higher Education(Deemed University))
  • Published : 2002.03.01


This review focuses on the use of immobilized lipase technology for the hydrolysis of oils. The importance of lipase catalyzed fat splitting process, the various immobilization procedures, kinetics, deactivation kinetics, New immobilized lipases for chiral resolution, reactor configurations, and process considerations are all reviewed and discussed.


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