Detection of the Ultrasonic Signals due to Partial Discharges in a 154kV Transformer

  • Published : 2002.06.01


We have developed an on-line ultrasonic detector to monitor partial discharge in an operating transformer. The ultrasonic sensor has 150[KHz] resonance frequency and contains a pre-amplifier with 60[㏈] gain. The on-line ultrasonic detector has 50~300[KHz] frequency band-pass filter to remove electrical and mechanical noises from the transformer. This detector has an ultrasonic signal discrimination algorithm which discriminates ultrasonic signals due to partial discharge in a transformer. A moving average method of ultrasonic signal number was employed to effectively monitor the increasing trend of the partial discharge. This paper describes an experience of partial discharge detection in a 154[㎸] operating transformer using an ultrasonic detector. With regards to gas analysis in oil, C2H2 gas was produced with a warning level in this transformer We detected ultrasonic signals on the transformer steel wall, and estimated the position of partial discharge. With further inspection, we found carbonized marks due to partial discharge on the supporting bolt which fastens the windings.


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